About Us.

Hello, We are the Frame Family. We have been players of RPG's and War Games like Axis & Allies along with computer war games for many years.

We moved to Marshalltown around 2009 and continued our interest in games with unique board games and collectible card games. We moved into Flames of War within the last few years expanding into A more historically accurate war game.

We have recently obtained Flames of War Club status and always looking for others interested in strategic challenges.

After my wife's retirement from Health care and my retirement from Search and Rescue we have decided to expand into the Gaming community.

We care about people and have recognized that Marshalltown is i need of a home for Gamers that also carries the games and extras that are normally associated with a game store.

Our Main focus is a SAFE ZONE game room for gamers to gather and play their games with others with the same interests.

As our family is very important to us, we want to also invite families for family board game nights where they can come and play their favorite board games or maybe try a new game where we could help them understand the rules and get them started. if they like the game, then buy it.

We are still in the early stages of the store and also in the home for gamers.

Currently we host games for exclusive members where we Play games like Advanced Dungeons and Dragons with our own house rules for enhanced play. Flames of War with our small band of hero's, new warriors are welcome! Star Wars RPG, with a small group from a galaxy far away. Magic and Yugioh with a larger community from around Iowa. We also play board games like Risk, Monopoly, Pandemic, Ticket to ride, Cataan and more.

We cannot wait to be able to open a game room and a small store front wear we can expand our community of gamers!

Artists and painters are welcome! as part of the joy of many of the games, we enjoy the game art and the craft behind scenes and miniatures.

Hope to meet you soon!